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Best you, you can be

As inspirational and motivating as I am, I would like to blame success on knowing yourself before letting others dig into your skin. In the end you are the only one that truly only cares for yourself , therefore knowing yourself is essential in any aspect of life.

But how do you become the best you?
Simple, figure out what makes you tick and gets you going.  As much as there are reasons why people do work, their must be a reason you are doing what you are doing.

This can be as simple as birth to where you are now, everything around you shapes who you are and what you will become. It’s just one of the mysteries of life that brings luck, chance and education into the spectrum that creates you.

Where to start?
The easiest questions to figure out are what are your strengths and weaknesses. Then add a why to that.
For example, I am weak in programming, why is that? It is because I was not exposed to it because my background and upbringing never even heard about coding or programming as a viable career option. Now it is one of the biggest opportunities we currently face however I am too  late to seize the opportunity. Therefore it remains a weakness to my career and potential who and how I act with people. It’s almost a snowball effect where little things keep building up and will eventually come back to you a lot bigger than it started off with. By simply figuring your strength and weaknesses you understand what you are good at and work even better at them or know when to delegate when a task becomes too difficult.

Whats next?

So now you know what you’re good at and not so good at. Now head a bit deeper, what do you love to do? Also what you dislike doing? Your values and objective in life.

In any entrepreneurial journey people created successful businesses because they simply ‘loved’ what they were doing.

Figure this out, and you will then be motivated in seeking what you want to achieve. As for now I need to focus on other things but if I gain traction on this site and on my posts then frequent posts will be on the way. However, I’m just venting out.







What a relationship is for

When coming across relationships you always hit the brick wall of… How do you know they’re the one.. What do you want from it.. What’s the point if in the end its all going to end..

In the end it depends on how compatible you are that person, how much interests in common do you have, what you like and dislike about each other, their background and history and in general how well you get along. I’ve had a weird thought that just popped in my head and it is pretty logical.

In the end a relationship is for the betterment of yourself. Your sole focus should be yourself. For example if you are in a relationship or have been in a serious one, think… How much better have you become from the experience? Are you more loving? Caring? Confident?, Understanding? Imagine if you didn’t learn anything from it, you leave no room for improvement.

I strongly believe in bettering yourself before you try to better someone else’s life, a lesson I should of learn’t long before my relationships with people. Once you realize how better you have become from them you realize how special it was to have them or actually have them.

If you’re with someone who does the opposite and makes you a bit more negative in life (these can apply to friendships) then maybe you need to re-evaluate your values and beliefs and truly realize if these people are the ones you want to be around. After all your friends do determine your future, choose your friends wisely and your relationships should always be a learning curve no matter if you go through the ups or the downs.

In the end being through relationships is something you learn through experience, its obviously not taught and some people just happen to be natural at it, however when choosing a special someone pick the root not the fruit- understand them through their wants and needs then enjoy the mini benefits it produces through their fruits= what they can offer.


NZ educational system

These days you ask an high-school student why they are going to school and their answer will instinctively be “because you have to”. We have standardized school and teaching so much that the reasoning of why we learn has lost its meaning. I love education but I strongly focus on the ‘why’ of the whats which has lead me to this post.

We need to learn and grow, education is strongly important for our personal growth. What does this mean? It means that the real reason of why we go to school should not be because we have to, but for self fulfillment. It’s actually quite a shame that we don’t realize this till we reach tertiary studies where we are forced to choose to work or continue our education.

Having a degree is becoming more standardize like high-school as we see an increase in students furthering their education as “High paying jobs are looking for degrees”. But the reason of why they are choosing to go to university is not for the right reasons. Students see university as the ‘norms’ and therefore believe getting a degree will in the end benefit themselves.

This isn’t the case I believe, we choose education because we want to build our skills. We focus on what we want and like to do in life. For example first day of Primary school you are taught the basics, reading, writing and talking. You then grow and these skills develop, by the time you reach high-school you should be proficient in these skills from which you develop critic thinking skills and being able to solve questions.

What i’m trying to say is that we get education because we want to build on our self-skills, we want to focus on what we like to do. HOWEVER education is becoming so ‘normal’ that students forget the true reason of what education is for and end up doing subjects and courses that they either have no interest in or don’t know what to do. Examples of this are the students who do business or art degrees with hopes to end up in a law or business firm. I see this no sustainable or better off than having no degree.For me I do business because I love business, I hope to build my entrepreneurial skills and one day hopefully I can be an example such as other great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Nothing is wrong with NZ educational system, it’s just that we should outline and plan what we want to do based around our skills or passions while studying in high-school so when the moment comes where they head off to tertiary, more and more people are prepared to specialize in their fields and actually know why they chose to further study. I’ve met many people who are doing degrees because they are ‘in demand’ but half of them don’t even have a passion in it. I do hope for the best for them, I am grateful to have had so many opportunities to discover myself and my attitudes around business and I hope many others are out there knowing what they want to do in life or atleast with why they are studying.


Let’s talk about LOVE

It’s pretty weird when you think about it but it’s in our animal instincts to create a relationship with another. As a former lover who found and lost love I would say you know when you are in love. What does it mean to be in love? I would say it’s when you absolutely want to be around that person every second if possible, it’s that feeling when you listen to a song and want to enjoy it with them, it’s the feeling when you light up just cause you saw them for a few seconds walking down the street.

I discovered this weird epiphany that most if not all or at-least 99% of songs throughout history are all about love or having a relationship with another. Why the fuck is this?! Someone told me it’s because love is the easiest emotion to show and that everyone needs it. Is that true? I’d like opinions because at the moment I can’t really comprehend it, there is so much movies and shows where people are trying to discover love which almost mirrors reality.

What I do know is that love is not the easiest emotion to deal with, everyone does need a little love in their lives whether it’s friendships to relationships. Love is such a mis-used word these days where it’s original meaning almost doesn’t seem like it exists. Now there is so many ways to ‘Love’ someone without loving someone. In the end love is caring for that person and doing what is best for them. Love is knowing what’s right for them and making them happy, even if that includes or excludes you from their life.

All I know is that Love is complicated, would you agree?

3 Topics I’ll be covering in this blog

1. Innovation & Entrepreneurship

By far the one thing I wake up to looking forward to see. My mindset is so innovative people consider me crazy at times but when they happen to be impressed by me they instantly think better of me. One thing I love more than anything is understanding people, how they react, think and why they do certain things. If we understand how we evolved from little organisms we can understand where we are going from now (or at least have a brief idea of what to expect). Business is one of the things I love to be around, participating in Young Enterprise Scheme, Enterprise in Action, Idea Starter and most recently Venture Up has gotten me so close to amazing people from different backgrounds I didn’t even know existed.

I see Innovation & Entrepreneurship being the most recent 21st cray that is slowly growing in our education system here in New Zealand and to be honest, it is about time. We are slowly seeing the transition of “old” businesses, their values, working environment and operations being outdated and obsolete.

Entrepreneurship in general is so fun, yeah its hard but nothing should be easy here in life, why wouldn’t you like your mind to be free to think outside the box? As a current business student I hope to inspire younger business students to pursue their dreams as Perseverance is literally the key to success with running your own business.

I want to help as many people as I can to achieve their goals, I’m a people person and I’m willing to help anyone out their willing to change the world for the better.. Who knows, maybe I will mentor the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, teaching is a way I keep myself updated with the ever changing business environment and I enjoy it immensely!

2. Deep Meaningful Conversations

As mentions before I am a very people person, however I wasn’t always like this open. If you met me 7 years ago I would have been considered the “Ultra nerd”; I use to play Yu-gi-Oh at lunch times while other people played rugby or touch, I had a mushroom haircut which I got teased for majority of the time and literally had the smallest group of friends anyone in intermediate could have.

That all changed in High School, now I literally talk about everything to everyone and I am honestly enjoying this transition where I am open and free (another result of business). I literally can have a Deep Meaningful Conversation (DMC) for hours talking about stuff that may not even be relative to myself or the person i’m talking to however I enjoy it more than clubbing or going out doing something.

I just find it interesting seeing other peoples viewpoint on a certain issue or topic as you see world through your eyes only, but imagine if you could understand what and the reasons why people have opposing viewpoints. People will be understanding the world alot more better as diversity is also becoming an increasing trend in our society, I am literally one of the most diverse people you can meet, I am brown colored from my Fijian side however I have chingy eyes from my Chinese side, however I act like one of the whitest people ever (only sometimes).

However most times I feel being alone is the best way, but when I need happiness I find it in others. Talking about random stuff makes a connection to the person and you understand the world is not perfect while building a deeper sense of belonging with the other person.

3. Relationships

Now I have been in quite abit of relationships if I do say so myself, learn’t the ups and downs, how they tick, why get in one but I myself have never found someone who is the “One” (again).

Love and relationship is one of the most confusing emotions we as humans get and it is something I’m still trying to understand for myself why some of us plainly just need it. I believe relationships are not forever, however I would like to understand because in the end we will all have to commit to one. If this was in business terms we would have to invest for what in return? It’s not a wise investment but it is something we must make as otherwise you will grow up alone in a sad room, something I do not want in my lifetime here.

Any advice I can give I will give, I honestly hope for the best for humankind because to be honest we are amazing to be where we are at the moment, through this page you’ll discover my values, thoughts and reasoning of what it means to be me.

I’ve struggled, carried on, sacrificed and thought outside the box all for Entrepreneurship,  Friends and finally Relationships. Lets hope I can pass on my wisdom to whoever chooses to read this.