Best you, you can be

As inspirational and motivating as I am, I would like to blame success on knowing yourself before letting others dig into your skin. In the end you are the only one that truly only cares for yourself , therefore knowing yourself is essential in any aspect of life.

But how do you become the best you?
Simple, figure out what makes you tick and gets you going.  As much as there are reasons why people do work, their must be a reason you are doing what you are doing.

This can be as simple as birth to where you are now, everything around you shapes who you are and what you will become. It’s just one of the mysteries of life that brings luck, chance and education into the spectrum that creates you.

Where to start?
The easiest questions to figure out are what are your strengths and weaknesses. Then add a why to that.
For example, I am weak in programming, why is that? It is because I was not exposed to it because my background and upbringing never even heard about coding or programming as a viable career option. Now it is one of the biggest opportunities we currently face however I am too  late to seize the opportunity. Therefore it remains a weakness to my career and potential who and how I act with people. It’s almost a snowball effect where little things keep building up and will eventually come back to you a lot bigger than it started off with. By simply figuring your strength and weaknesses you understand what you are good at and work even better at them or know when to delegate when a task becomes too difficult.

Whats next?

So now you know what you’re good at and not so good at. Now head a bit deeper, what do you love to do? Also what you dislike doing? Your values and objective in life.

In any entrepreneurial journey people created successful businesses because they simply ‘loved’ what they were doing.

Figure this out, and you will then be motivated in seeking what you want to achieve. As for now I need to focus on other things but if I gain traction on this site and on my posts then frequent posts will be on the way. However, I’m just venting out.








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