Let’s talk about LOVE

It’s pretty weird when you think about it but it’s in our animal instincts to create a relationship with another. As a former lover who found and lost love I would say you know when you are in love. What does it mean to be in love? I would say it’s when you absolutely want to be around that person every second if possible, it’s that feeling when you listen to a song and want to enjoy it with them, it’s the feeling when you light up just cause you saw them for a few seconds walking down the street.

I discovered this weird epiphany that most if not all or at-least 99% of songs throughout history are all about love or having a relationship with another. Why the fuck is this?! Someone told me it’s because love is the easiest emotion to show and that everyone needs it. Is that true? I’d like opinions because at the moment I can’t really comprehend it, there is so much movies and shows where people are trying to discover love which almost mirrors reality.

What I do know is that love is not the easiest emotion to deal with, everyone does need a little love in their lives whether it’s friendships to relationships. Love is such a mis-used word these days where it’s original meaning almost doesn’t seem like it exists. Now there is so many ways to ‘Love’ someone without loving someone. In the end love is caring for that person and doing what is best for them. Love is knowing what’s right for them and making them happy, even if that includes or excludes you from their life.

All I know is that Love is complicated, would you agree?


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