NZ educational system

These days you ask an high-school student why they are going to school and their answer will instinctively be “because you have to”. We have standardized school and teaching so much that the reasoning of why we learn has lost its meaning. I love education but I strongly focus on the ‘why’ of the whats which has lead me to this post.

We need to learn and grow, education is strongly important for our personal growth. What does this mean? It means that the real reason of why we go to school should not be because we have to, but for self fulfillment. It’s actually quite a shame that we don’t realize this till we reach tertiary studies where we are forced to choose to work or continue our education.

Having a degree is becoming more standardize like high-school as we see an increase in students furthering their education as “High paying jobs are looking for degrees”. But the reason of why they are choosing to go to university is not for the right reasons. Students see university as the ‘norms’ and therefore believe getting a degree will in the end benefit themselves.

This isn’t the case I believe, we choose education because we want to build our skills. We focus on what we want and like to do in life. For example first day of Primary school you are taught the basics, reading, writing and talking. You then grow and these skills develop, by the time you reach high-school you should be proficient in these skills from which you develop critic thinking skills and being able to solve questions.

What i’m trying to say is that we get education because we want to build on our self-skills, we want to focus on what we like to do. HOWEVER education is becoming so ‘normal’ that students forget the true reason of what education is for and end up doing subjects and courses that they either have no interest in or don’t know what to do. Examples of this are the students who do business or art degrees with hopes to end up in a law or business firm. I see this no sustainable or better off than having no degree.For me I do business because I love business, I hope to build my entrepreneurial skills and one day hopefully I can be an example such as other great entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates.

Nothing is wrong with NZ educational system, it’s just that we should outline and plan what we want to do based around our skills or passions while studying in high-school so when the moment comes where they head off to tertiary, more and more people are prepared to specialize in their fields and actually know why they chose to further study. I’ve met many people who are doing degrees because they are ‘in demand’ but half of them don’t even have a passion in it. I do hope for the best for them, I am grateful to have had so many opportunities to discover myself and my attitudes around business and I hope many others are out there knowing what they want to do in life or atleast with why they are studying.



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