What a relationship is for

When coming across relationships you always hit the brick wall of… How do you know they’re the one.. What do you want from it.. What’s the point if in the end its all going to end..

In the end it depends on how compatible you are that person, how much interests in common do you have, what you like and dislike about each other, their background and history and in general how well you get along. I’ve had a weird thought that just popped in my head and it is pretty logical.

In the end a relationship is for the betterment of yourself. Your sole focus should be yourself. For example if you are in a relationship or have been in a serious one, think… How much better have you become from the experience? Are you more loving? Caring? Confident?, Understanding? Imagine if you didn’t learn anything from it, you leave no room for improvement.

I strongly believe in bettering yourself before you try to better someone else’s life, a lesson I should of learn’t long before my relationships with people. Once you realize how better you have become from them you realize how special it was to have them or actually have them.

If you’re with someone who does the opposite and makes you a bit more negative in life (these can apply to friendships) then maybe you need to re-evaluate your values and beliefs and truly realize if these people are the ones you want to be around. After all your friends do determine your future, choose your friends wisely and your relationships should always be a learning curve no matter if you go through the ups or the downs.

In the end being through relationships is something you learn through experience, its obviously not taught and some people just happen to be natural at it, however when choosing a special someone pick the root not the fruit- understand them through their wants and needs then enjoy the mini benefits it produces through their fruits= what they can offer.



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