South Auckland born and bred, 18 year old inspired and motivated business student with a clear goal to improve New Zealand into the new age of entrepreneurship.

The nickname #Bing has become iconic of myself and is a nickname I take pride in as it not only represents my family but portrays my unique personality.

My success in business couldn’t have been done without my upbringing with constant support of friends and family and so I praise thanks to a bunch of factors that have created me to become the eager University student I am today.

Becoming a 1st degree black belt in TaeKwon-Do (ITF) from Dragon Spirit TKD in Papatoetoe has taught me the tenants of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit- to never give up and always persist. From this I have the need to always work hard no matter what and constantly find ways to make the world a better place.

My upbringing in my low deciled school -Papatoetoe High School has grown me to become the fine respectable and responsible student I am today, I have learn’t many peoples cultural backgrounds as I came from a highly diverse community and learn’t to understand and respect others to the highest of my abilities. From my experience at this school I have learn’t to challenge the stereotypes of who and what I am represented as in the wider community.

Being a half pacific islander, from a low deciled school and coming from South Auckland has only motivated me more to challenge those who think that. I hope to motivate others around me and my community as well as giving back to these places that have made me become who I am.

As I continue to excel in business I show the world that New Zealand is growing, as I continue representing my culture and background I show New Zealand that anything is possible regardless of background or education. As I show New Zealand anything is possible, I motivate and inspire others to do great things.

My goal is to create a better New Zealand.




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